After-Sales Service Offerings

After-sales service is a strategically important area as it involves direct interaction with the customer. With organizations moving from “customer service” to customer experience, we believe after-sales service and support play a pivotal role in customer loyalty, which, in turn, results in profitable revenue growth.


Range Of After-Sales Service

Our dedicated team of after-sales service experts collaborates with you to provide tips to improve the yields of your crops.

Start machine in bypass mode of controller Every use
Keep controller in Bypass mode for 1 to 2 min after initial machine starting Every use
Use controller pressure mode only for mixing and agitation. Use pressure mode for 4-5 mins and keep pressure not more than 20 Bar Every mixing and agitation.
After finishing of main tank use clean water from rinsing tank or add 25ltrs water in tank for cleaning chemical residue before next refill Every use
Clean suction and line filters Every day after every use
Please fill 30-50 ltrs of clean water and spray it in ideal condition before shutting down of machine. Every end of spray and before shutdown of machine
It is important that chemical solution shall be filtered before filling in the tank; use basket filter for cleaning Every chemical solution filling
Do not use pressure mode in 40 Bar for pr setting. Every use
Check for pump and gear box oil level regularly. Contact Our Service centre in case of level goes down below minimum level. Every Day
Please take care of pressure gauge for any damage Every use
Mix 5 ml/liter or 0.5% of chemical for total capacity of tank in liters for outside sanitization. Every Day
Do not use ATR above 20 Bar In spraying
Use clean water in rinsing tank. Do not put chemicals into the rinsingtank
Keep machine running at controller bypass mode for at least 1 or 2 minutes before spraying start. Do not go to press mode or spraying mode immediate after starting the machine
Always start machine at controller by pass mode. Do not start m/c in press mode or spraying mode of controller
Always engage Tractor PTO gear to 540 RPM or nearer gear. Do not engage Tractor PTO gear to the 700 or 900 RPM or nearer gear.
Always use clean water for spraying also use basket filter while filling the tank Do not let go any dirt or outside particles into the tank. Do not remove basket filter while water filling.
If nozzle choke,remove the nozzle disc cap for clean the nozzle disc. Do not use any pointed rod or needle to clean the nozzle disc hole
Always clean the tank with clean water while after every day use & drain all the residue everyday. Do not use as it is for next day cycle.
Always use the the rinsing tankwater for cleaning the whole spraying system after every end of spray. Keep rinsing tank always dry after every use. Do not forget to use rinsing tank water at the end of spray.
Always disengage PTO once solution is finished. Do not keep PTO engaged if solution is finished.
Use sanitization chemical below or 0.5% or 5ml/Ltr concentration in the ratio of water.. Do not use sanitization chemical above 0.5% or 5ml/Ltr concentration in the ratio of water.

After Sales Service

Important Instructions For Routine Maintenance & to Improve Life of Machine

Change oring and tight slightly in case of ATR leakage; Do not over tight While ATR leakage
Keep PTO shaft greasing regularly and ne at greasing points A] both side splines B] cross joints C] telescopic pipes D] grease nipples Check daily & apply greasing as required
Bearing housing greasing Every 7-10 days
Eye-bolt greasing Every 7-10 days
Ensure that Tyre pressure is around 3 To 3.5 Bar Every 50 Days
Pump air accumulator pressure (80-90 PSI), fill by gauged air pump. Every 15 Days
Please log a service call for machine routine check up. Every 30-50 Days
Remove both side wheel hub cap and fill grease in hub. Every 30-50 Days
Screw Jack Greasing. Every 30-50 Days
Contact our service centre in case of machine is about to complete one year in order to get it check for Pump and Gearbox. Before completion of one year

Best Practices and Daily Preventive Maintenance Points

Check all oil levels of Gearbox and side drive before starting the Rotomaster Daily before start
Check the greasing for the PTO shaft and side-hub Daily before start
Start the machine in idle RPM for 2-3 min First Start
Check PTO engaged Properly on both sides in Spline shaft and greased okay. Every starting
Clean all blades before starting the cultivation by working idle of Rotomaster above ground level Every starting
Check all blades for loose and no broken blade Every Use
Use good conditioned and sharp blades for cultivation Do not use excess wear-out blades for cultivation
Always check the oil present in the gear-box and gear-drive Do not run the Rotomaster gearbox and gear drive without oil.
Always use CI140 / SAE140 oil for gearbox or gear-drive Do not other than recommended oil for gear-box or gear-drive
Always engage Tractor PTO gear to 540 RPM or nearer gear. Do not engage Tractor PTO gear to the 700 or 900 RPM or nearer gear
Always use SAE multi-purpose lithium-type grease. Do not use local brands or other than recommended grease
Use machines for secondary cultivation in farm soil. Do not use machines on hard and rocky soil for primary cultivation

After Sales Support

Practices Safe Maintenance

  • Understand service procedures before doing work. Keep the area clean and dry.
  • Never lubricate, service, or adjust the machine while it is moving.
  • Keep hands, feet, and clothing from power-driven parts.
  • Disengage all power.
  • Lower equipment to the ground. Stop the engine. Remove the key. Allow the machine to cool. Securely support any machine elements that must be raised for service work.
  • Keep all parts in good condition and properly installed. Fix damage immediately. Replace worn or broken parts. Remove any buildup of grease, oil, or debris.