Cropmaster Race Boom Sprayer 200 Liter

Suitable Crops: : Soybean, Tur, Chili, Cotton, Sugarcane, Cereals, Onion, Pulses

  • Tank: 200 litre
  • Pump: 45 LPM Piston Pump
  • Nozzles: 12/18 Nozzles
  • Boom Span Width: 20/30 Feet
  • Height Adjustment: Up to 6 ft
  • Tractor:18 HP Above

Boom Sprayer

Boom Sprayer

“Revolutionizing Crop Protection: Mitra Cropmaster Sets a New Standard in Efficiency and Innovation for Farmers!”

In the field of tractor-mounted boom sprayers, the Mitra Cropmaster stands as an example of efficiency and ease of use. It is manufactured to a precise specification and it offers an easily integrated three-point link that simplifies mounting and dismounting, making it distinct from its competitors. Available in two variants, with a capacious 200-litre tank, one with a 20ft boom and the second with a 30ft Boom.

The Mitra Boom Sprayer ensures uniform coverage, ensuring the best protection of your treasured crops when operated at optimal capacity on tractors with a maximum horsepower of 18 HP or higher. The variety is spread across a range of soil crops such as soybean, tur, chilli, cotton and many more. It constitutes a key tool for the discerning farmer, which ensures that an entire range of crop varieties is supported.

boom sprayer

Cropmaster Race Boom Sprayer 200L

Boom Sprayer

boom sprayer

The addition of a winch mechanism allows for precise boom height adjustments, accommodating varying crop heights with maximum ease. This feature proves invaluable, especially for crops like cotton, which typically range between 4 to 5 feet. Similarly, crops like Soybeans, Gram, and others, ensure optimal spraying efficacy.

The Cropmaster Race has two options: single nozzle (SN) and (TN)Twin nozzle. You can choose as per your needs, in a single nozzle you can select a hollow cone nozzle or flat fan nozzle as per spraying requirements.

The inclusion of a back-folding option elevates operational convenience, streamlining the process further. This thoughtful addition speaks volumes about the user-centric approach that defines the Mitra Cropmaster.

Boom Sprayer


  • Doorstep service.
  • Proven Chemical and labor saving.
  • Useful for all types of ground crops.
  • Uniform coverage giving the best crop protection
  • Boom span can cover up to 20/30 feet wide area in a single round
  • Butterfly valve controller and Single and twin nozzle options provide for accurate delivery of chemicals.


  • Easy Height Adjustment – Up to 6 ft with the help of Winch Mechanism.
  • Fixed nozzles- 500 mm fixed nozzle for accurate chemical delivery.
  • It is available- In 20 feet and 30 feet Boom variants.
  • Back folding – For easy operation.



Parameter Cropmaster Race 200 lit 20 ft Cropmaster Race 200 lit 30 ft
Tank 200 Litre 200 Litre
Pump 45 LPM Piston Pump 45 LPM Piston Pump
Nozzles 12 Nozzles 18 Nozzles
Nozzle Type Single Nozzle or Twin Nozzle Single Nozzle or Twin Nozzle
Boom Span Width 20 feet 30 feet
Height Adjustment 2 ft to 6 ft 2 ft to 6 ft
Tractor HP 18 HP Above 22 HP Above
Boom Sprayer

The Piston Pump, a workhorse of the system, boasts an impressive flow rate of 45 liters per minute. Its design is characterized by reduced high-maintenance requirements. This robust pump is purpose-built for the rigorous demands of pesticide and chemical spraying, ensuring uninterrupted operation when it matters most. Powered by the tractor’s PTO shaft, the Mitra Cropmaster enjoys a direct transmission of power. This seamless integration ensures a harmonious marriage of the tractor’s power and the machine’s operational needs, minimizing energy loss and maximizing efficiency.

Mitra Agro Equipment has taken care of safety by providing safety devices like Rubber coupling, which reduces the vibration and jerk coming from the tractor. The pressure relief valve automatically opens at 40 bar pressure to protect the pump from any damage due to excessive pressure. The rear bumper protects the shell assembly from damages.

Remarkably, Mitra’s tractor boom sprayer is not only distinguished by its technical capabilities but also by its accessibility. In order to maintain the attractiveness of this product as a potential option for discriminating farmers looking for value without compromise, its pricing structure is intended to be competitive. Lastly, the Mitra Cropmaster emerges as a paragon for agricultural innovation which seamlessly marries cutting-edge technology with user-centric design. The future of farming with Mitra is here, and it’s flourishing

boom sprayer

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