Mitra Airotec Cyclone 1500

Tractor Trailed sprayer, Air Blast Sprayer, Orchard Sprayer, Sprayer For Tall Trees

Suitable Crops: Mango, Dates, Coconut, etc.

  • Tank: 1500 Litre
  • Pump: 75 LPM Diaphragm
  • Nozzles: 16 Nozzles
  • Centrifugal Impeller: Dia. 450mm each
  • Tractor :- 40 HP Above
  • Variant: 1500 Litre

Mango Sprayer

Airotec Cyclone Mango Sprayer is Mitra’s latest designed product with a higher air output for the maximum vertical reach for Tall Tree Spraying. The Airotec Cyclone is a Tractor Operated Sprayer that works on tractors of 40HP and above. It is made up of a Tank, Air Conveyor System, Pump, Gearbox with Fan, Nozzle, and PTO shaft. The Tractor’s PTO power is a prime source for running the Tractor Trailed Sprayer, and this power transmits from the tractor to the machine by a wide-angle PTO shaft. There are two types of PTO shafts used in this sprayer. One is wide-angle PTO (At the time of turning, no need to stop PTO, while spraying is possible at the time of turning to cover side/perpendicular row). The other one is the straight angle (Transfers power from Pump to Gearbox).

Airotec Cyclone Sprayer has a 75 LPM diaphragm pump used for suction of the water from the tank. It has a 1500lit main tank with a 115lit rinsing tank and a 12lit hand wash tank. After spraying, with the help of rinsing tank water, the machine hose circuit gets cleaned while the hand wash tank water is used for cleaning the hand. This Tractor Operated Sprayer Machine is very compact in size, which easily works in Mango Orchards. It is known as a Coconut Tree Sprayer and Mango Sprayer, which makes the job easier for the farmers.

It has an adjustable track width and enough ground clearance for better stability while spraying, it can work on hilly or undulating areas efficiently. The dry weight of the Orchard Sprayer Machine is 675KG. The main tank comes with an attached cross agitation system, which has an agitator for constant chemical concentration while spraying. To prepare the chemical spraying solution, it has a basket mixture that mixes the dry powder with water. Airotec Cyclone has high-quality safety devices for preventing the machine from any damages. For example, a pump is prevented from excessive pressure by the Pressure relief valve. At the same time, Chain Coupling absorbs the jerks and vibration which comes from the tractor, and the rear bumper prevents shell assembly from accidental damage.

Airotec Cyclone is a Hydraulically Operated Sprayer. This Air-Assisted Sprayer has an air conveyor system consisting of a front and rear air conveyor system. The front air conveyor system rotates on tractor hydraulic power, and the rear air conveyor system rotates by a manual system that helps in turning the direction of spraying. The air conveyor system consists of a centrifugal impeller which is placed for producing the air output. This Tractor Operated Sprayer has a 2 speed + neutral gearbox in the air conveyor system, and it has an 8 ply tyre, which saves fuel due to the best traction. It has a 3-way adjustable tyre like track width adjustment, height adjustment, and tyre position adjustment. The Tractor Trailed Sprayer comes with an attached scraper to remove the mud from the tyre, and it helps in smooth working on the field. It has a high-quality suction filter that removes the dirt particles from the water and transfers the clean water towards the controller’s pump. A brass line filter cleanses the chemical water and then passes through the nozzles for spraying. Even with these features, the Airotec Cyclone price looks pretty affordable in comparison with market prices.

Mango Sprayer


  • Government subsidy available
  • Loan facility available with attractive interest rate
  • Doorstep Service
  • Proven Chemical and labor saving
  • Doorstep service and Installation by the trained service engineer
  • 1-year warranty with free service*
  • 5-mode controller and two way nozzles provides accurate delivery of chemicals.
  • Agitators provided for constant chemical concentration while spraying
  • Diaphragm pump to eliminate pulsation in sprayer
  • It is useful for spraying on tall trees like Mango, Coconut & Dates etc.


  • It works on 40 HP and above tractors.
  • Hydraulic Actuation : Spray direction adjustment (Both Front & Rear Air duct) as per plant height
  • Rear air conveyor : Highest air output with perfect air balancing and lowest power consumption
  • Front & Side Water Level Indicator
  • It is available in 1500L


Airotec Cyclone

Parameter AIROTEC CYCLONE 1500
Tank 1500 Litre
Pump 75 LPM Diaphragm
Nozzles 16 Nozzles
Centrifugal Impeller Dia. 450mm each
Tractor 40 HP Above
Variant 1500 Litre

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Mango Sprayer

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Mango Sprayer

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