Cropmaster Boom 400 Liter

Tractor Trailed Sprayer, Air Blast Sprayer, Orchard Sprayer

Suitable Crops: Soybean, Tur, Chilli, Cotton, Sugarcane, Cereals, Potato and Pulses.

  • Tank: 400 Liter
  • Pump: 55 LPM Diaphragm/ 45 Piston pump
  • Nozzles: 18 Nozzles
  • Boom Span Width: 30 Feet
  • Height Adjustment: Up to 6 ft
  • Tractor: – 40 HP Above

Tractor Mounted Boom Sprayer

Cropmaster Boom 400L: Precision Spraying for Optimal Crop Growth

Introducing the Cropmaster Boom 400-lit by MITRA Agro Equipments, a groundbreaking agricultural sprayer poised to revolutionize modern farming practices. This flexible sprayer is designed with precision to meet the varied needs of today’s agriculture. It shall ensure the continuous application of agrochemicals with a maximum capacity of 400 litres and encourage strong and prosperous crops. Set a new standard for agricultural productivity by enhancing your farming techniques with the tools that guarantee precise and efficient use. MITRA Agro Equipments enables farmers to use a tool that meets the changing needs of today’s agriculture, thanks to its Cropmaster 400 Boomlit. Trust in a sprayer that reflects the latest advances in agricultural technology, carefully designed for the promotion of healthy and resilient crops.

Pump Options: Customers have the flexibility to choose between two high-performance pump options, tailored to their specific requirements:

  • Diaphragm Pump: 55 LPM High-Quality Engineered for durability and versatility, the diaphragm pump version offers exceptional chemical compatibility and is ideal for a wide range of spraying applications.
  • Piston Pump: 45 LPM Piston pump Known for its robustness and consistent pressure delivery, the piston pump variant of the Cropmaster Boom guarantees reliable performance even under challenging conditions.

Nozzles: Equipped with a total of 18 high-quality two-way adjustable nozzles strategically placed along the boom, enabling even distribution of chemicals. It helps to cover more with less chemical. The Cropmaster Boom 400 lit is available in two nozzle configurations, allowing users to customize their spraying experience:

  • Single-Nozzle Option: This configuration is designed for precision spraying in a single, focused stream, ensuring accurate chemical delivery for targeted areas.
  • Twin-Nozzle Option: With dual nozzles in fixed positions, this option provides a wider coverage area, enhancing efficiency in larger fields.

Boom Details: The Cropmaster Boom 400 offers 30 feet of boom span vertical adjustment which allows users to adjust spray height according to a crop’s growth stage. This means that, besides the crops like soybeans and gram, height adjustment may be made from 2 to 6 feet. Say goodbye to uneven coverage and hello to tailored spraying. Ensuring optimum coverage, as well as minimising waste.

Nozzles: Equipped with a total of 18 high-quality two-way adjustable nozzles strategically placed along the boom, enabling even distribution of chemicals. It helps to cover more with less chemical.

Filtration System: It is of utmost importance to ensure the purity of the spraying solution. A highly efficient Suction Filter capable of removing particulates as small as 50 mesh is fitted to the Cropmaster Boom. In order to enhance the overall health and yield potential of your crops, it is ensured by such a modern filtering system that just the cleanest chemicals are used.

Mounting Options: The Cropmaster 400 Boom 30 Foot is available in both Mounted and Three Point Hook configurations, to add convenience and flexibility. This will ensure that the sprayer can be fitted to different types of farm equipment and machinery seamlessly.

Our commitment to providing innovative and reliable agriculture solutions is shown by Mitra Agro Equipment’s Cropmaster Boom 400 lit. This sprayer enables farmers to protect crops efficiently and accurately by allowing them to select from different pump options, nozzle configurations or height adjustments. Experience the difference between cutting-edge technology and exceptional performance, with Cropmaster Boom.

Tractor Mounted Boom Sprayer


  • Doorstep Service.
  • Proven chemical & Labor saving.
  • Time-saving.
  • Boom can be used for ground crops where tractor entry is possible.
  • Uniform Coverage gives the best crop protection.
  • Government subsidy available for Diaphragm pump models.
  • 2- Way adjustable nozzles provide accurate delivery of chemicals.


  • Easy Height Adjustment – Up to 6 ft. from the ground.
  • Fixed Nozzles – Provide equal droplet size.
  • Dual Filtration – Suction filter 50 mesh and brass filter 80 mesh.
  • Winch Mechanism – For adjusting boom height as per crop requirement.
  • Nozzles – 2-way nozzles for coverage and provide equal droplet size.
  • Works on 40 Hp and Above Tractors.


Tractor Mounted Boom Sprayer

Tank Capacity 400 Litre 400 Litre
Pump 55 LPM Diaphragm Pump 45 LPM Diaphragm Pump
Nozzles 18 Nozzles 18 Nozzles
Nozzles Type Single nozzle / Twin Nozzle Single nozzle / Twin Nozzle
Boom Span, Feet 30 feet 30 feet
Height Adjustment up to 6 ft up to 6 ft
Tractor HP 40 HP Above 40 HP Above

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Tractor Mounted Boom Sprayer

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Tractor Mounted Boom Sprayer

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Tractor Mounted Boom Sprayer