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A Brief Guide For The Benefits of Spraying Machines in Grape Farming

Grape is one of the commercial horticulture crops globally as it gets widely produced and used in various agriculture sectors.
In India, grapes are for table fruit, but farmers can also use them for wine production.

The area where the grapes are grown is called Vineyards. Farmers can produce table grapes, wine grapes, and non-alcoholic grapes on this land.  In a world of technology, Farming is also ahead in comparison to other industries.  Farmers worldwide now know how high-quality equipment works in Farming and how they can produce crops with its help. Organic Farming is still the boss, but with the help of technology, they can cultivate their land area and increase crop production.

Although, in between the cultivation and production, farmers do go through a lot of issues –

  • Harmful insects 
  • Fewer Labours for higher work
  • Lower Wages due to late production 
  • High prices towards vineyard establishment
  • A market full of competitors

Let’s take an example – 

  “If I have an 80-acre land for grape farming, then it means labor work will be high in demand.

So the machinery which farmers will use to establish a Vineyard for the grape production will have a      higher price, and then maintaining the land and protecting the grapes from getting infected will be more difficult”.

Apart from farming and production-related issues, farmers also go through problems like not having the needed machinery in stock which ultimately delays the grape crop production.  

In all of this, protecting the crops from diseases is also a challenge for farmers. 

As grapes grow in the tropical dry climate, they need to be sprayed every 10 to 14 days as grapes do face diseases like mildews, rots, etc. The spraying protects the crops from getting infected.

As the leaves start showing symptoms, farmers understand what kind of disease the crop is getting infected with. 

As a farmer, you will be more careful about your crop spraying as you don’t want your crops to get destroyed. 

Choosing a spraying machine is a tough job as it will help keep fungal diseases away from your crop. 

For farmers, these types of problems are unpredictable towards crops. Rightful equipment and the help of technology can reduce the pressure.

Now for the spraying part, the factors that farmers should consider first before buying them are –

  • Get knowledge of your spraying machine first for what you will be using your device and what types are there in them. 
  • Now there are three types of Spraying machines. Tractor mounted sprayer. Tractor trailed sprayer, Tractor Operated sprayer
  • These sprayers can be used for multi-purposes like Spraying and Dipping and can provide equal chemical concentration while spraying.   
  • In vineyards, the Orchard sprayer allocates a low radius for low spacing on the land due to the 3 axis of bar mechanism.
  • Check the Nozzles of your machine because they are responsible for converting the substances into droplets as you pour them. 
  • Ensure the machine’s power and coverage as it can help to have more droplets in your device.

Factors need to be considered while buying the spraying machine, but the specifications are also necessary

  • Gallon capacity of the sprayer
  • Duration to check for how long the sprayer can last
  • The area size to see how much the sprayer can cover

Now when you’re planting or preparing land for the grape crops, there are few factors that you should consider first.

  1. Soil Type 

Well-drained sand-filled soil will be the most important soil type for producing grapes.

  1. Spacing 

While you plant your crops in the drained soil type, you should make sure you have calculated spacing in between the crops. Planting distance should be approximately 2m x 1.5m 

  1. Pruning 

Pruning is needed to get done as you remove roots, shoots, etc., to put the crop in a better structure.

In case if you have the curiosity to know what types are there in spraying machines, then – 

  • Airotec Turbo.
  • Bullet Sprayer.

Farmers can use these sprayers specifically for Grape farming to protect the crops from getting infected


With all the factors and specifications, considering and understanding the working of the spraying machines, this much knowledge will be enough for farmers to buy a spraying machine for their grape farming finally. We at MITRA manufacture all horticulture crop spraying machines for farmers who are growing crops like Grapes, Pomegranate, Mango, and Orange. And we can help you with all the information you need as we are the largest manufacturer of spraying machines in the world. We provide high equipment for Farming and are among the high-quality suppliers in the farming industry and help farmers achieve their goals in producing horticulture crops.