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Dust Suppression Sprayer

Dust Suppression Sprayer, Anti Smog Gun

Suitable: To tackle the problem of airborne dust particles generated by pollution, and industrial/mining activities.

  • Coverage/Reach: 50 to 60 feet
  • Rotation in Horizontal Plane: 340°
  • Rotation in Verticle Plane: Up to 45°
  • Rotation actuation Type: Manual & Auto (Remote Range 100m)
  • Pump: High-Pressure Pump 3 Hp
  • Nozzles: 24
  • Droplets: 35 to 50 Microns

Mitra Storm Duster

Powder Dusting Machine, Tractor Mounted Duster, Tractor Operated Duster

Suitable Crops: Grapes and Pomegranate

  • Tank : 50 kg
  • Tractor :- 15 HP Above
  • Mud Controller plates
  • Lowest Height Duster
  • 100% canopy coverage
  • Impeller Type

A tractor-mounted duster is a type of agricultural equipment used for the application of powdered chemicals, such as insecticides and fungicides, to crops. It is typically mounted on a tractor and pulled through the fields while dispensing the chemical powder.

The duster consists of a hopper that holds the chemical powder, a spinning disc or impeller that disperses the powder and a delivery system that directs the powder onto the crops. The spinning disc or impeller is powered by the tractor’s PTO (power take-off), which causes it to spin and disperse the chemical powder as the tractor moves through the field.

Tractor mounted duster is commonly used in row crops, such as corn and soybeans, as well as in orchards and vineyards. They are particularly useful for crops with large leaves, such as tobacco or cotton, as the powder can adhere to the leaves and provide effective coverage against pests and diseases.