Advancement of Technology in Agriculture Sprayers
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Advancement of Technology in Agriculture Sprayers

The agricultural method has evolved as the field’s exposure to technological development has grown. Agriculture has progressed from its inception and has resulted in the advent of farm machinery. Thanks to the advent of farm tractors and other agricultural implements, modern farmers can now farm on a massive scale without incurring enormous costs. Farmers and agro-businesses should use their time, capital, and other tools to achieve their farming goals for full crop production.

Land planning, planting, weeding, and harvesting are all steps in the crop planting process. The period between planting and harvesting is the most complicated part of crop production. Fertilizer is needed for proper crop growth and production. Weeds that are new and overrun by pests and insects should be removed from young crop plants. Agricultural spraying has evolved into a useful tool in modern crop processing. To get rid of weeds, you can use fertilizers and chemicals like herbs and pesticides.

Types of Sprayers

There are various types of farm sprayers available as per the spraying objective. Technological advancements have also facilitated the development of Tractor Driven PTO Sprayer & tractor-operated sprayers.

Some of the best sprayers offered by Mitra Agro Equipments include the following:-


  1. Boom Sprayer
    1. Cropmaster – (Tractor Mounted Boom Sprayer)
    2. Cropmaster Reel –( Tractor Operated Boom Sprayer )
  2. Orchard Sprayers & Vineyard Sprayers
    1. Airotec Turbo
    2. Airotec Cyclone
    3. Bullet
  3. Powder Dusting Sprayer
    1. Duster
  4. Soil Pulverizing machine
    1. Rotomaster – (Small Rotavator)

Mitra Agro equipment develops customized sprayers as per the requirements crops like grapes, pomegranate, orange, Mango, Custard apple, Guava, litchi, etc.


Mitra Agro Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

M.I.T.R.A develops spraying machines for farmers who are growing horticulture crops such as Grapes, Pomegranate, Orange, Mango, etc. taking the benefits and Ease of using into consideration of the users.

In a short time, M.I.T.R.A has become the largest manufacturer of orchard sprayers and Dusters in India. And also manufactures high-quality Boom sprayer and Small Rotavators

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