benefit of orchard sprayer

Benefit Of Orchard Sprayer

The selection of the best and the most appropriate spray equipment is essential for effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly application of pesticides.

Orchard Sprayer are used to protect the crop by applying spraying liquid on every part of the trees. Because of the vertical nature of the crop, bushes and trees, air assisted spraying is required. Air Blast Sprayers are used to apply Pesticides, plant growth regulators and foliar nutrients to orchard trees. Air blast sprayers have adjustments in the fluid and air delivery systems that permit tailoring applications to fit a wide range of orchard conditions.


Some of the Benefits of Orchard Sprayer are: –

1)  Save On Chemical Costs – As compared to conventional sprayer, orchard sprayers help in increasing chemical application efficiency. With Mitra Sprayer you can save on chemical costs through selective spraying.


2)  Uniform Coverage – The quality of agricultural praying largely depends on the uniformity of the distribution of the sprayed liquid over the spraying surface. Mitra Sprayers are well equipped and ensures the beat uniformity of surface coverage.


3)  Best Crop Protection – Crop protection refers to protection of crops against various pests. These include diseases, viruses, weeds and insects. These can significantly lower or even kill plants. The best decision is to control the situation by reducing the risks rather than deal with the problem’s consequences. Mitra Sprayers ensures chemical application efficiency thereby protecting crops against various pests.


4)  Labor Saving – Mitra Sprayers are engineered to help farmer work easily. Efforts farmers put in is reduced.


Mitra Sprayers are widely used by farmers for effective crop production. Contact us for further details and availability of Mitra Sprayers in your location.