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Tractor mounted sprayer Specialist in horticulture spraying crop.

Farmers depend on spraying devices to ensure that their crops are correctly gathered. Using an agriculture sprayer, farmers may boost the efficiency and productivity of their spraying operations while also ensuring that their crops are protected and do not become destroyed or infected with bacterial organisms.

Crop care includes increasing yields, and there is a range of spraying devices available on the market to help farmers do this. It is well-known that the success of a crop is mainly dependent on the quality of the phytosanitary treatments used. Using the correct items at the right time and with the proper approach can make all the difference in the world. This statement is likely to resonate with you if you’re a farmer. To properly administer these treatments, specific instruments like the agriculture mist blower, a critical piece of equipment for the protection of crops, are required, as you will also be aware.

As a result, we can complete our treatments faster and more accurately due to the mist blower, improving the product’s efficacy. As a result, they are now a necessary component in nearly every type of farming, particularly in conservation, integrated, and ecological agriculture.

What are the benefits of an agricultural mist blower?

A hydropneumatics sprayer, also known as a mist blower machine, is a high-precision spraying device. So, a pump generates the pressure needed to form the treatment droplets, and an impeller-driven stream of air surrounds and transports those droplets to the plants they’ll cure. Between 20.000 and 145.000 cubic meters of airflow per hour may be generated by these devices, which can either be lifted onto the Tractor or followed by it. They also have a high dosage capacity, since they can handle between 350 and 3.500 liters of product per acre.

Indeed, this is one of its most essential features, allowing for precise medicine dosage. Because of the nozzle design, mist blowers may also be used to treat in a highly targeted manner, minimizing product drift and evaporation even in hot weather. This is an impressive feature.

It is also necessary to describe their ability to create tiny droplets, ranging between 100 and 400 microns in size, and the rapidity with which they operate, with some of them reaching speeds of up to 10 kilometers per hour in the field. According to the manufacturer, with their ample airflow, narrow treatment area, moderately quick operating speed, and small drop size, mist blowers are suitable for the deep penetration of phytosanitary agents into plant cultures. The airstream stirs the plants, causing all of their portions to be treated uniformly, enhancing treatment efficacy while simultaneously lowering its impact on the environment.

Mitra’s mist blowers: A wide range

Mist blowers are available in a broad selection at Mitra. The tractor mounted sprayer, Mitra’s Bullet, is used to spray orchard crops such as grapes, pomegranates, oranges, and mango.

A back air conveyor on the Air Assisted Sprayer ensures ideal air balance, resulting in maximum air production and lowest power usage. A stainless steel air conveyor system includes a shell, fins, backplate, bottom baffle, intake vanes, and deflectors. The Orchard Sprayer has a 200-liter tank capacity, ideal for farms with restricted turning radiuses. The Bullet Sprayer is equipped with a tank that shows water levels from the back and an agitating mechanism. It maintains a consistent concentration of chemicals in the field while being sprayed by the user. Powders are mixed in a basket mixture to create the spraying solution.

Mitra’s Bullet Sprayer is designed to overcome the challenge of the smallest turning radius in vineyards with a high density of grapevines. Using specifically developed mounting plates, it is attached directly to the Tractor. To ensure the safety of the shell assembly, Mitra Agro Equipments has installed safety devices such as a rear bumper. At a pressure of 40 bar, a pressure relief valve automatically opens to protect the pump from harm caused by high pressure. The Tractor Operated Sprayer most valuable feature is its manually operated controller, ensuring precise chemical distribution while spraying. Primary and secondary filters and high-quality brass nozzles are used to clean the Spraying Solutions before they are sent through the spraying process.

Power for this Vineyard Sprayer is supplied by the Tractor’s PTO, which is conveyed to the machine using a straight angle PTO shaft. Through the belt pulley mechanism, the shaft of the diaphragm pump is connected to the machine gearbox, which distributes the power to the pump through a belt drive. When the plant is in the blooming stage, the attached two-speed gearbox with a high-low and neutral gear is employed to prevent flowers from dropping due to the increased air production. Farmers must also consider the costs associated with their operations. The Mitra Grapemaster Bullet & Pomemaster Rocket sprayer pricing is competitive compared to the other sprayers available on the market today.