5 Reasons Why You Need to Buy Sprayers for your Crops
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5 Reasons Why You Need to Buy Sprayers for your Crops

5 Reasons Why You Need to Buy Sprayers for your Crops

  • Effectiveness and Capacity:

Boom sprayers are one of the most powerful sprayers for covering the most area and pasturing the ground and impacting bigger crop fields, and they can be mounted to a tractor.

Orchard Sprayers are more efficient than boom sprayers because they cover a larger area more thoroughly and useless labor. This sprayer allows you to change the air system, which allows you to cover a more remote location.

Both sprayers have tanks that can hold up to 1500-2000 liters of liquid.

  • Labour Saving:

Farmers profit from using spraying machines because they need less effort, which Mitra’s spraying machines do effectively.

Farmers have fewer risks of being infected with the pesticides and herbicides they can spread with the aid of these machines because there is no effort or handwork involved.

  • Time-Saving:

Sprayers get the job done quickly compared to the labor work farmers have been doing for years. Ultimately, saving money and time for farmers.

  • Accurate Delivery:

Accuracy in spraying the fertilizers or pesticides must be helpful as it needs to be sprayed on the targeted surface only so it can cause the impact it is supposed to.

Tractor-mounted sprayers are the most used, easy controls and well-engineered nozzles arrangements that carry out accurate Spraying of chemicals on the crops.

Fields like Vineyards or Mango and Orange orchards need the most accurate Spraying as these horticulture fruits adapt to harmful infections quickly.

  • Weather Condition:

The objective of an agriculture spray machine is to secure your crops and empower development.

Temperature, dampness levels, and wind speed are significant contemplations while assessing how far your fluid combination will travel and what the drying time will be.

Consider this while picking the nozzle of your sprayer like for ex:- boom sprayer for a tractor. The Sprayer nozzle will influence the droplet size. It will likewise influence the speed at which the fluid is sprayed.

Advantages of Spraying 

  • More effectiveness
  • Less Labour
  • More work in less time
  • Different variations in spraying to protect crops
  • Safe to use
  • Can cover a large area in less time
  • Farmers can use it under any farming
  • Comes under every field for maintenance.


  • May it is then fertilizers and pesticides, farmers rely on streaming in some way for their produce.
  • Spraying for agriculture is essential because the crops are meant to do the job that farmers have a hard time doing: to protect the crops and fields from bugs and infections.

Final Words 

Spraying is and will be a priority for farmers to protect the crops.  Different types of Sprayers will be in demand as farmers will need them accordingly.

All these above points are beneficial to the farmers. So buying a spraying machine is very much prominent, and it has become one of the crucial parts of Farming as it protects the crops that provide food to us.

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