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A Brief guide on Spraying Technology in Agriculture

Spraying is one of the most important activities that farmers do to protect their crops. Farmers depend on flowing in every way for their produce, whether it’s fertilizers and pesticides. Agriculture has advanced significantly in terms of technology, and the old method of farming has been outgrown. Agriculture has never been this simple for farmers. Some farmers choose organic farming because it is more convenient to do agriculture the old way rather than learning how technology works.
Agriculture is a huge company. Crops are protected and grown using a variety of technologies. One of the top priorities is spraying technology. Farmers should be assured that the technology can help them.

Now before we go ahead, let’s take a look at what is spraying exactly!
Spraying is the process that farmers use to protect their crops from insects or fungal infections by spraying pesticides and growing the produce with the help of fertilizers.

If we go back in time, farmers had to bring, or should we say, throw fertilizers and pesticides by hand, which was hazardous to their health. Farmers are taking full advantage of the current state of agriculture, especially when it comes to spraying. Farmers can now conveniently spray fertilizers or some other appropriate liquid for their crops using handheld devices.

Let’s talk about why spraying is so important in agriculture.
Spraying for agriculture is necessary because crops intended for human consumption must be safe from bugs and pathogens.
Let’s use an example: If the house you’re living in becomes tainted, you’ll undoubtedly need pest control to reclaim your home. Since the crops are intended to be your meal, spraying, or pest control, is also essential.

Spraying gets differentiated with different
types of sprayers.  

  1. Boom Sprayer 

Boom sprayer is the effective one for covering the most land—used for pasturing the ground, affecting more larger crop fields, and can be attached to a tractor.

Being the system tank dependant sprayer, it holds up-to 18 Nozzle quantities. And this sprayer also comes in various sizes, which also varies the distance it will cover while spraying the land.

Boom Sprayer is a tractor-mounted type sprayer machine. Being a Tractor sprayer machine helps the farmer to work even more comfortably.

  1. Orchard Sprayer

Orchard Sprayer is more effective than boom sprayer as it covers more area in-depth and costs less labor. This sprayer allows adjusting the air system, which ultimately helps to reach a more outlying area.

Orchard Sprayer is both tractor mounted and trailer-mounted sprayer, which expands the helping hand for farmers while using orchard sprayers.

  1. Electrostatic Sprayer

Unlike other sprayers, Electrostatic sprayers send a charged droplets of whatever fluids you’re using, which not helps disinfect the bugs and sticks around them.

Electrostatic is one of the handheld or backpack types of sprayers.

Impact of Spraying in Farming ahead in Future

Spraying will develop as technology, and for farmers, it will become easier to work. Heavy machinery, automation, and AI systems will be more beneficial than what farmers have today.

Even if in the future spraying develops. Spraying will always be favored organically as some farmers might prefer the traditional way compared to higher technology.

Farming is organic as crops are grown naturally, but high-tech companies with more considerable investments, farmers, taking advantage of machinery, will change the course of agriculture in the Future.

Especially for the Spraying method, as it is the most basic and original way to protect your crops so they can grow.

Sprayers for agriculture will be heavy in machinery format, so farmers may have to face problems ahead as handheld sprayers might not get produced compared to tractor and trailer mounted sprayers.

Tractor sprayers and trailer sprayers cause more effectiveness in comparison to the handheld sprayer. And farmers will more use tractor sprayer machines in contrast to Trailer Sprayer.

Advantages of Spraying 

  • More effectiveness
  • Less Labour
  • More work in less time
  • Different variations in spraying to protect crops
  • Safe to use
  • Can cover a large area in less time
  • farmers can use it under any farming
  • Comes under every field for maintenance.
Disadvantages of Spraying 
  • Pieces of machinery will be costly
  • The environment might get affected due to heavy use of spraying
  • Farmers will need proper maintenance for sprayers regularly.

Spraying is and will be a priority for farmers to protect the crops. Different types of Sprayers will be in demand as farmers will need them accordingly.

We at MITRA will provide you with all the facilities and different sprayers you will need. Farming is a core part of India, and We at MITRA understand the importance of it.