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Top 4 Familiar Agricultural Equipments in India

Agriculture Industry is a vast and rapidly growing industry in India.

With many new inventions in agriculture equipment such as Drones, boom sprayers, and many more, the Agriculture industry keeps growing. Farming mechanization also plays an important role by allowing the farmers to do less labour work and grow effective crops. It is also an industry for beginners, which is why agriculture education is one of the prominent aspects in India.

As Farmers know, farming equipment is used to produce crops more effectively and, importantly, to reduce the efforts farmers have to make. Farming Equipment also helps in improving the productivity of Agriculture overall.

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So now let’s the top 4 familiar agricultural types of equipment

TractorsTractors are one of the most used and essential farming equipment in Agriculture. Most importantly, tractors can be used with other farming equipment for the production of crops. Sprayers are farming equipment that a farmer uses to spray chemicals to protect the crops by attaching the sprayers to the tractors.

john deere tractor

Tractor Mounted Sprayers or Tractor Trailed Sprayers are one of the spraying equipment that can be mounted on Tractors for spraying purposes. With the power it holds, tractors are one of the result-oriented agricultural equipment that allows dragging and towing farming implements. Tractor provides beneficial functions to farmers by attaching cultivators, sprayers, rotary tillers, and more, which eventually helps grow crops efficiently

Sprayers are one of the core farming equipment in Agriculture that farmers use to protect the crops and land by spraying chemicals and pesticides. The purpose of the sprayers is to protect the crops from any harmful infections or organisms that can destroy the crops. With many variations in the spraying equipment, farmers have the full uniform coverage from the sprayers they use.
Variations of sprayers are Boom Sprayers, Air Blast Sprayers, Vineyard and Orchard Sprayers, and many more. As it is mentioned in the Tractors point, sprayers are usually attached to the tractors to make things easier for farmers by reducing the labour work. Sprayers that are mounted on tractors are tractor-mounted sprayers and tractor boom sprayers, and many more.

Combine Harvester

Combine Harvester is used to do the 4 separate operations: reaping, gathering, threshing, and winnowing the farming in a single process. Because a combined harvester performs all these operations in one single process, it saves time and money for farmers.

With a combined harvester, farmers can harvest all kinds of crops such as wheat, rice, corn, soybeans, and more. Like the other farming equipment, combine Harvester also reduces the labour works of the farmers and increases the efficiency of the crops.


Irrigation Sprinkler is farming equipment used to spray water on farmlands and on the farm products to keep the crops and land healthy and cool. Just like a little rainfall, Sprinkler provides water all over the land, ensuring the crops are safe. Sprinklers spray the water into small droplets that fall on the ground, ensuring the land is also safe to grow the crops effectively. The purpose of the sprinklers is to spray the water in a constant mode, ultimately saving the efforts and time of the farmers.


Final Words – 

Agricultural Equipment plays an important role in farmers’ lives as, basically, this farming equipment is one of the basic reasons why labour work has been reduced. Those mentioned above familiar agricultural equipment has its own way of working and are beneficial effects. Mitra Agro Pvt Ltd provides spraying equipment to protect the horticulture crops such as mangoes, oranges, pomegranates, and more.