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Top 5 Horticulture States in India

India is a country where agriculture plays an important role for almost 58% of the population. It’s a livelihood that helps farmers to gain income for day-to-day life. We at Mitra Agro Equipment understand its importance, so we decided to come up with this blog.

Agriculture is a strong economic factor for India that keeps the financial status growing for the people who are completely dependent on it.

Agriculture Industry has grown a lot in the last decade, with newer technologies coming into play and helping farmers improve farming efficiency.

One of the technologies is Spraying Equipment. Spraying pesticides and chemicals on crops or on horticulture crops/fruits to protect them has helped a lot and made the job easier for farmers.

In Agriculture, Horticulture farming has also taken a pace to grow rapidly as India is well known for its fruit production.
Fruits like Mangoes, Oranges, and Grapes are the prominent fruit crop production in India.

We Mitra Agro Equipments, as one of the largest manufacturers of spraying machines for horticulture farming, has made things a lot easier for farmers.

E.g., Spraying Machines such as tractor-mounted sprayers, air blast sprayers, orchard sprayers, and vineyard sprayers are used to protect crops like Mangoes, Grapes, and Oranges tractor-mounted boom sprayers are used to protect ground crops like Cotton and sugarcane.

Now let’s see the top 5 Agricultural states of India that also produce horticultural crops.

1. Gujarat

Gujarat is well known for its cotton crop production in India. Even in last year, Gujarat has produced almost 125 lakh of cotton bales in India even in this Pandemic situation.
For the best production of Cotton, as it is a ground crop, perfect conditions for farming play a crucial role.
The temperature, rainfall, soil preparation of the ground, and water obtainability helps in the production of Cotton.
For the production of ground crops, safe farming is very important, and with the help of a tractor-mounted boom sprayer machine, farmers can easily spray chemicals with accuracy.
Mitra Agro Equipment’s Bullet Sprayer is the spraying machine that farmers can use to protect their cotton crops.

2. Maharashtra

Maharashtra is India’s largest grape production state, and the City Nashik is also known famously for its wine production. It is known as the Wine capital of India.
Producing Grapes efficiently is very important for farmers because Vineyard production is one of the biggest productions that help grow their financial status.
Apart from the Grapefruit crop, Maharashtra is also known for having the highest Pomegranate production, where at least 82% of the cultivation of land of the crop falls under the state.

To keep the vineyards safe, farmers use spraying machines to ensure the quality of the crop remains natural. Farmers can use spraying machines such as Orchard Sprayers and Airblast sprayers to keep the crop safe by spraying from time to time.
Mitra Agro Equipment’s Airotec Turbo can be used for protecting the vineyards.

3. Uttar Pradesh

In India, Mango is one of the richest fruits to be produced by states with enormous quantities. Uttar Pradesh is one of the largest states to produce it. Mango as a crop benefit in a massive way to farmers. In Uttar Pradesh, from June to August is the prime time for the production of Mango as it is also a rainy season, farmers take extensive care towards the crop.

The spraying equipment, tractor-mounted sprayer that farmers can use to protect the crop works efficiently and makes the job easier for farmers. Apart from the Mango crop, Uttar Pradesh is also known as the hub for Sugarcane Productions.
From Mitra Agro Equipment, Bullet Sprayer can also be used to protect the horticulture crop.

4. Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is home to the production of Apples. On the Market share, Jammu and Kashmir have the highest share of 77% in India.
Due to Apples’ highest share and rapid production in Jammu and Kashmir, the state produces 1800 tonnes of apples every year.
Mitra Agro Equipment‘s Orchard Sprayer, which is Airotec Sprayer, can be used as the spraying machine for protecting the crop.

5. Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu has produced 7 billion coconuts, with 4.65 lakh hectares of land being cultivated in the whole state. The Coimbatore and Krishnagiri districts of Tamil Nadu offer soil efficiency for the production of Coconut.
Mitra Agro Equipment’s Orchard Sprayer, which is Airotec Cyclone, can be used by the farmers to produce the fruit by keeping them protected effectively.

Final Words

These top 5 states are largely famous in India for producing their respective crops and offering a large production across India.

Other states such as Karnataka, Kerala, and Andhra Pradesh also produce the same crops in the same effective manner, but the contribution of the produced crops and fruits lack in comparison with the states mentioned above.

We at Mitra Agro Equipment are among the largest manufacturers of spraying equipment, so farmers can use these spraying machines to make their job easier.

Our Tractor Mounted Sprayers or Orchard Sprayers are among the many sprayers who effectively protect the crops.