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Tractor Rotavator Assembly, Uses, Maintenance and Safety

An Agriculture Rotavator is essential agriculture equipment for farmers to prepare the soil, which makes the land effective to grow crops.

The tractor rotavator has a multipurpose which are to pulverize the soil, to mix and level the soil in the land to prepare it for crops like Vineyard and Orchard ones.

This agriculture equipment is PTO-operated equipment that uses rotating blades, which helps the farmers to pulverize the soil effectively.

Apart from using the tractor rotavator in farms, it is also gardening equipment used to prepare the soil for the land to plant seeds and plants in the garden.

Mitra Rotomaster, known as tractor rotavator, is one of the effective agriculture equipment from Mitra, which also offers multipurpose.

Rotavator Assembly, Uses, Maintenance, and Safety of Tractor Rotavator –
Tractor Rotavator Assembly –

tractor rotavator is agriculture equipment used for multiple purposes such as pulverizing the soil, mixing and leveling the soil for the benefit of the land.

Rotavator consists of a lot of parts that need to assemble as per the need, so let’s see the following parts –

  • Blades (20 & 24 Boron Steel L –Type)
  • A Helical Blade Arrangement
  • Single Speed Gear Box
  • Replaceable and Adjustable Bottom Skid
  • A Rotary Shaft
  • A safety device called Shear Bolt
  • Rotor Tube

The Tractor Rotavator has boron steel L-Type blades which, as a benefit, also has a helical blade arrangement to it. These blades are used to destroy any weeds and provide as much efficiency as possible towards the crops. This Tractor Operated Rotavator also has a Power Take-Off (PTO Shaft) used to cut the soil.

It also includes a single-speed gearbox which also has primary and as well as secondary tillage equipment for soil preparation. This tractor rotavator has a replaceable and adjustable bottom skid, reducing the maintenance cost and the bottom skid replacement cost. A safety device called Shear Bolt is also provided with the tractor rotavator to protect the agriculture equipment from high torques and vibrations.

Uses of Tractor Rotavator
  • Due to the helical blade arrangement, the tractors take less load while using, making it easy for farmers to use the rotavator comfortably
  • It has heavy-duty gear drive and structures due to which it has low maintenance and have a longer life guarantee
  • It also has a 3-Point Linkage assembly, which also has a long life guarantee and unbreakable
  • This tractor rotavator even gives a high working depth which is up to 5inches
  • The use of the Rotary shafts and tillers reduces the farmer’s efforts and time in comparison with the traditional way of land preparation
Maintenance of Tractor Rotavator –

Tractor Rotavator is used for all kinds of vineyard and orchard crops, and due to that, the agriculture rotavator can be used regularly.

The rotary shaft and tiller engine need to be inspected to see if they are working properly or not.

Due to the rotavator being used to prepare the soil, the tillers and shaft need to be changed regularly. This needs to be done after 40 to 50 hours of rotavator use.

Safety of Tractor Rotavator –

While using the Tractor Rotavator or any other agriculture equipment, as safety precautions, farmers or anyone needs to consider some things –

  • The use of tractor rotavator must be limited to the people who have proper knowledge about how to use the machine
  • Keep the children away from the agriculture rotavator
  • While using the tractor rotavator, must make sure not to use any loose-fitting clothes, which can create a risk of getting caught in the moving parts
  • Don’t touch the blades or rotary tillers while it’s on
  • Make sure before starting to use the agriculture rotavator, all the gearbox, shafts, and blades are attached properly
Final Words –

For farmers choosing the right agricultural equipment is the essential part, and when it comes to preparing the soil for the land, then the Tractor Rotavator is a perfect choice. Mitra Agro Equipment has manufactured Mitra Rotomaster, which is known as Tractor Rotavator, and the features and uses define the capability of the agriculture equipment.

Mitra is one of India’s best spraying machine manufacturers, and they have gained a trustworthy reputation in the market for their agriculture spraying equipment.

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